About Me

'Bada Game Khelo'. Absolutely love the chaos around me and the opportunities it creates. Sufficiently self-centred.

Have a passion to make things better. Universities, Airports, Trains, Roads,Films, Television content, Media, Cultural Events, People, The Government, Our Nation. Everything can be made better.

Somehow landed upon the thought that education is the key to fix things. More schools and more universities do not make a nation educated. An educated person creates. An educated person can think for one's own self. An educated person appreciates diversity. A educated person respects true beauty. An educated person considers patience, determination and hard work as talents. An educated person supports meritocracy. An educated person knows one is full of faults.

Love analyzing group behavior. Get disappointed with people who sit on the fence. Always love an healthy debate. Fascinated by the evolution of my thought process over the years.

Created a firm named 'KiRa Education'. We run a reasonably popular website - InsideIIM.com

Born in Bombay. Graduated from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics in 2007 and IIM Indore in 2011. Did Schooling in a Gandhian School - Shree Chandulal Nanavati Vinaymandir. Worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Also, worked for start-ups like WhatsonIndia.com (no longer a start-up) and CPLC India (acquired by MT Educare). Umang is close to my heart. In love with Switzerland where I completed my exchange term at the University of St.Gallen. Only sport I play really well is Cricket and absolutely love food.

How I introduced myself in 2009 on this website

I am Ankit Doshi.

I am an ordinary youth of this country.

Things that affect you also affect me.

I can talk a lot.

I can talk loud.


I have tremendous self-belief.

I am Crazy.

I think I can change the world.

One of the most significant things I have done in my life remains leading a team of 500 students at 'Umang' - One of India's biggest college festivals at Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai(Bombay)

I am extremely passionate about Cricket. Pagal fan of the sport.

I am currently doing my MBA at IIM Indore. I have also forced myself to clear 2 levels of CA. CA PE-I and CA PE-II

I am the only person who is working on the website. The current look and design is with the help of Google and my common sense :) . I am looking for people who can help me design this site better. Interested folks can send an email to share(at)ankit9doshi(dot)com