Recommended Articles of the Week

Week 23rd July - 30th July

Politics in Egypt - The Economist

Columbian lesson in Economic development - McKinsey quarterly

Week 2nd July - 9th July

How to make an American job before it's too late - Andy Grove (Highly recommended) - Bloomberg

Globalization's critical imbalances - Lowell Bryan 5 star rating (Very highly recommended) - Mckinsey Quarterly

South Korea - Finding its place on the world stage - Christopher Graves - Mckinsey Quarterly

Week 26th April - 3rd May

Televising cricket is a numbers game - Alan Wilkins

Don't cry for Wall street - Paul Krugman - 5 Star rating (Highly recommended)

There are good reasons to doubt the fairness of Electoral debates in the Indian Context - Vir Sanghvi

The great Survivor : Television - Economist

Indian Legal System : Tips for startups - Harvard Business Review

Week 12th April - 19th April

One of the best personal stories I have read - The story BCG offered me $16,000 not to tell

Should Sania-Shoib's wedding be the lead item on the news? - Vir Sanghvi

Should Entrepreneurs lie? - Harvard Business Review

Week 15th March - 22nd March

Gujarat Leads Green Revolution - ForbesIndia

Special report on German economy -The economist

Ten Reasons you should never get a job - by Steve Pavlina

Were we too quick to write the obituary of the magazine sector ? - Vir Sanghvi

The Cost of Being Omniscient - Harvard Business Review

Week 1st March -8th March

A marketers guide to behavioral economics - Mckinsey Quarterly - 5 star rating (Highly recommended)

How Behavioural economics can help solve health care crisis - HBR Blog - 5 star rating

India needs its own developmental model - Vir Sanghvi

Week 21st Feb - Week 28th Feb

The 'EuroMess' - Paul Krugman - 5 Star rating (Highly recommended)

Week 13th Feb - 20th Feb

Boring and Good - Paul Krugman - 5 star rating

Can we stop being obsesses with Pakistan when Pakistan is obsessed with us? by Vir Sanghvi

Have Breakfast....or Be the breakfast - Y.L.R Moorthi - 5 star rating

Week 6th Feb - 13th Feb

Don't lose your waterfront - Richard Plunz, Colombia University

The Dhitrashtra Syndrome - by Sagarika Ghosh

Why prices won't fall - India Today

The Gujarat Model - India Today

An opportunity wasted - American Economy -

Week 29th Jan - 5th Feb

The Art of Innovation by Mahesh Murthy - 5 star rating

Was earning that Harvard MBA worth it? by Abby Ellin (June 2006 article)

The Value of a Start-up in any sector is always Zero : Mahesh Murthy

Indians and Pakistanis are no longer the same by Vir Sanghvi(March 2009 article) - 5 star rating

Innocuous message on social networking site can land you in jail now - Economic Times