Good food for IIM Indore participants

August 14, 2010

Given below are the places I have visited. I am sure there are more places left to be explored. I shall add more to this list with contribution from others. Please add your comments below to dispute, add or recommend anything.

(Update 20/10/2010 : A lot of new suggestions given by others..Please read the comments section)

Closer to campus there are a few good options:

Chef's Al Cove - Courtesy facebook page. Click here

Somewhere between campus and the city:

Popular options in the city:

Other places you can go to :

- Dominos at Sapna Sangeeta

- 'Ghamandi' Lassi opposite Sapna Sangeeta is mindblowing

- Go to MHOW near the cinema hall there is a chatwala who come after 5pm. There is a fruitwala who sells awesome fruit and opposite there are fresh fruit juice walas who churn out real good juice all the time. Its a great bike ride to MHOW too

- Rau Poha and Pani Puri ( I don't endorse the Rau pani puri too much but a lot of people really like it)

- Sarovar Portico where I have not yet been

I think this list is good for a start.

Sarafa - (All pictures courtesy - mywebduniya)

People! - Please help me if I am missing something by commenting below. Hopefully we shall have an exhaustive list in some time.

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