IIM A selection criteria 2011-13 batch - A refreshing change

So, yet another season of CAT results. My interest in this has waned slightly considering that I’m nearing the end of my 2 year ‘MBA’. What has always interested me though is the selection criteria of IIM Ahmedabad. And for once, I am very happy about it. Finally, they seem to have discovered some way in which students of Arts & Humanities and Commerce do not suffer. Being the premier business school in India they have set a good example and have actively sent out a signal wanting to reintroduce (yes, batches of late 80s and 90s had a good mix) diversity. Must also admit, that finally IIM A seems to have gone the IIM B way but with a much less complex formula!

Check the selection criteria for IIM Ahmedabad here: - http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/users/admission/files/Shorcriteria11-13.pdf

I think the percentage groupings for the different streams is quite fair. What this criteria means is that a 60% in Literature is now comparable to a 80% in a stream where marks are thrown about. I think a lot of candidates from diverse fields should be getting calls from IIM A this year. However, we will know the exact batch composition only in April-May 2011. I am surprised why only 540 general candidates have been called. It has gone down from over 600 to 562 to 540 now. The interview conversion chances have never been better! There is no real logic to it, but somehow I just feel interviewing only 540 people is too less. I think more people should be given an opportunity to prove themselves in an interview.

Another notable initiative by the big daddy IIMs - ABC is the common GD/PI venue. I think it is a great step. It will definitely help hundreds of students.

What I am unhappy about though (yes, still!) is that there still isn’t any normalization for state board/university differences. For e.g. I still think Mumbai University Engineering graduates will find it tough. I know it is extremely difficult to get everything right but I will not be surprised if students of certain states may feel short-changed.

However, overall it is a step in the right direction. Being a Commerce graduate, I for one would have made it if I was a candidate this year :P

-Ankit Doshi

(For the uninitiated, there is a little bit of history with IIM A’s selection criteria and me. You can check that out here : http://www.ankit9doshi.com/dope-on-b-schools-in-india-mba-1/my-letter-to-iim-a )

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