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December 31st 2009

I had sent a RTI query to IIM Bangalore in June 2009. I had always wondered why I failed to get an IIM Bangalore call in both 2007 and 2008. To their credit the reply was received fast and the response was satisfactory. It just confirms though that if you have been even slightly lax in any of your exams in your life you will never make it to IIM Bangalore unless you are a 100 percentiler or a CA/ICWA/CS ranker.

(You will have to scroll down and sideways a little. Please bear with me for this post. Limitations of mine and of Google Sites ! :p)

However, ummed pe duniya kayam hai and I know that in spite of knowing this everyone always expects to get a call in some corner of their heart :)

My profile (So that it becomes easier for you to make your own analysis)

10th: 85.86% (S.S.C Maharashtra) - March 2002

12th: 85.33% (H.S.C Maharashtra - Commerce, 26th in Mumbai as per records)

15th (Graduation) : 65% (University of Mumbai)- March 2007

CA Inter : 50.33% (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) - May 2006

CA Foundation : 54.5% (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) - May 2005

Given below is the scanned copy of the reply received(sent on 9th July 2009):

Points to note:

1) For students in Mumbai, HSC percentages are taken which means that Science, Commerce and Arts are at par. Now that puts Commerce and Arts 12thstd students at a distinct disadvantage. How many Arts graduates do you expect to get above 90% in the 12th Std in Mumbai?

2)There is a cap on the points you get if your work experience is 3 years or above. So it does not help you if you have insanely high work experience. I think I like that fact. There is no empirical evidence that people with higher work experience make better managers :P

3) You can get an IIM B call only if you have good academic records throughout. If you have screwed up your 10th/12th or graduation, the only way you cover up is probably by getting a 100 percentile or be a CA/CS/ICWA topper

4)Also find attached(scroll down to the bottom) the Batch Profile of IIM Bangalore 2009-11 below in attachments. The engineers to non-engineers ratio is very skewed in spite of the different selection procedure. There are : 5 Art graduates, 7 Commerce graduates (including 3 CA/or ICWA/or CS) out of a batch of 350!

5) Also find attached(scroll down to the bottom below) the Statistics about the candidates who got a GD-PI Call for the interview process for the 2009-11 batch. IIM B had released this on their website. I don't think its there on the site anymore. This should serve as a guidance.

If you see closely - Avg S.S.C % - 90+

Avg H.S.C % - 90+

Avg Grad % - 84+

6) I must also congratulate IIM Bangalore to be the only IIM to release the selection procedure before the results are announced. They had in fact announced the procedure even before the CAT in 2007. I think all the IIMs must release their shortlisting criteria before the CAT

Also no other IIM has bothered to make public in detail so many statistics. Check the documents attached below and you will know what I am talking about. All IIMs should ideally release such details, just like the B-Schools abroad do. It is definitely an indicator as to what kind of a place one is going to. It will also help you gauge the calls you may expect.

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