RTI reply by IIM Lucknow

Last year (CAT 2008), IIM Lucknow did not issue a waitlist after announcing the final results. This was surprising as normally it is very difficult to predict how many people will accept or reject the offers and hence there are buffer calls(for IIM C,L,I,K) plus a waitlist.

No institute would issue excess buffer calls as that would be very dangerous if the estimation of number of people accepting the offers is underestimated. Funnily, such a faux pas was committed last year itself by none other than IIM Calcutta. Click here to read this 'amazing' story - The famous IIM Calcutta admission goof up.

I actually know of people who partied all night assuming they had got admission just to wake up to a rude shock when they were told by IIM C that they had not actually made it.

I had to file a RTI to check what the issue was at IIM Lucknow. They must be geniuses at IIM Lucknow to predict the numbers so accurately. It's amazing how they got the number so accurate. It was reported on Pagalguy.com that a few OBC/SC/ST candidates were actually called in June as the buffer calls got over in those categories. Unfortunately or fortunately, no such luck in the general category.

So given below is the Reply given to me by IIM Lucknow. Apparently, my CAT+Acads+GD/Essay/PI score was pathetic : P

(Again you shall have to scroll left ,right and centre due to my limitations with web skills and the rigidity of google sites)