Quant ka saamna

6th November 2009

1)Do all math concepts everyday

2)Revise all quant problems asked in the last 5 paper pencil CATs. Reason: With so many different sets of the test, there is bound to be repetition in question types as the IIMs will extract heavily from the old question banks

3)Take a section test every alternate day(on the computer) and try to solve it only in 40 mins. The focus on accuracy should slowly reduce and number of attempts should increase now. You ought to give yourself the best chance of getting a call by attempting more. For the next 2 weeks, try practicing sums using unconventional techniques to solve faster. Tough questions are meant to be solved by creativity and innovation. In the last week come back to your normal style of attempting. Hopefully, you will retain some of you alternative thinking.

4)Always remember a few questions in quant do not require any concept application or formula. Plain common sense is all you need. So do not go with a fixed mindset of putting everything in a formula or equation.

5)I am sure you must have been bombarded with this suggestion, but it’s so crucial that I must repeat it again. Use Options and use values. Typically, at least 75% of my test would be solved using options in quant. Don’t expect that you will always be able to directly plug in options or values. Sometimes, you need to reduce the problem or an expression to some other form before you start using options and values. But the fact of the matter is that options and values rule.

6)For people who are weak in quant, or at least who think they are weak in quant – Go with a very carefree mindset. Be positive and aggressive. Remove the limiting belief first that you cannot do well in the quant section. I know it’s late in the day and been told to you by many people. But even if now you can manage an attitude shift it will be enough to clear the cut off. By believing that you are bad, you are anyway not improving the situation. Let’s try optimism for a change! :P

7)One day before the CAT, do all the concepts as you would have been doing for the previous 20 days. Practice a few easy sums just to keep the mind oiled. Do very light stuff. Contrary to what a lot of people suggest, do not avoid quant completely one day before the CAT. Do it for 30 min but do practise sums.

8)Final suggestion: Do not start attempting immediately. In a randomly generated computer test, it is possible simple that questions are at the end of the section. In the paper pencil CAT students strong in quant could have not used this strategy. But in the CBT test it will be crucial for them too, as they wont see more than 1 question at a time in the periphery of their vision. It will be terrible to realise that you spent 80% of your time on tough questions. People who clear the CAT are people who hunt and spend 80% of their time on easy questions. This increases attempts, accuracy and most importantly confidence in the paper!

Browse the entire section and write down on your rough sheet, question numbers of easy questions and attempt them first.

If it is a typical CAT paper your number of attempts should at least be 45-50% of the paper assuming your accuracy will be close to 85-90%. Below that you seriously undermine your chances of getting all calls.

I hope after finishing your CBT CAT, you can show this(see picture below) to the quant section. In fact, the best idea is to start attempting the section with this attitude!

Courtesy: Steffan Loyal, Madmax