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The Experience

"The rural immersion trip has been a memorable experience. I have a new found respect for administration and the government machinery. Also, it is amazing to note the myriad of opportunities and possibilities rural India presents to entrepreneurs and to people who want to make a difference.

It was highly inspirational to know and see some 'Sachivs' and 'Sarpanchs' work so selflessly and tirelessly for the upliftment of their village. Even today, a lot of villages have a feeling of bonding and community among themselves which is found missing in most urban areas. They have a lot of faith in each other. Spare a thought for the principal and teachers who have been toiling for years in the schools in these areas just to ensure that at least a few have better lives. I salute the doctor who still hangs in there in a remote village to serve those 1000+ patients who would be left without treatment for days if he were to go.

One of the most touching experiences was the visit to the high school at Chegaon Makhan. We interacted with the students of class XIth Science and the enthusiasm and spirit showed by them was heart rending. Many of them had to travel 15 kms through kuccha roads to reach there. They had little money and little support from their own village. Yet, they want to study further. We met a group of boys amongst them we spoke mainly to Mihir and Gautam(names changed). Mihir wanted to know how he could become the collector. The entire group was keen to get into the army. They said," Isn't it more heroic to die for the nation? We will do anything for the nation". That’s when Gautam said '' Sir, one should either be a terrorist or an army guy. That’s a sure shot way to be famous!". The boys apparently didn’t like the Sarpanch of the village. Gautam wanted to know from us how they could blow him up without getting caught :) All in jest of course!

It will be a shame if these fine boys and girls don't continue their education. They cited the distance of the college from their village and money as the primary reasons of not continuing. The awareness of the benefits of education was quite high in the village and neighbouring villages. The parents wanted to send their children but could let them study beyond 12th std. It was unfortunate that hardly any girl in that school went to college after the 12th Std. The school had an internet connection but no power and no teacher!

We saw the hydel power plant at Omkareshwar and I felt as if I was in some other universe. In this Universe the HULs, Cokes and the BCGs look like tiny tots. Here was the real thing. This was the plant and many other such ground breaking projects that would transform lives of millions. It would enable hordes of men and women to do things they found almost impossible to do earlier. In short they would get power, power that would allow them to irrigate farms that would feed the nation, power that would allow a village youth to also study after the sun sets, power that would allow an octogenarian in a village to spend his/her last days with a fan over his/her cot.

It is also commendable that certain government officials work tirelessly in spite of constant obstruction by politicians. To deliver in a completely thankless environment, takes men of steely determination. In short, they have dedicated their life to nation building.

I feel humbled and inspired at the same time."

- Ankit Doshi

IIM Indore

Batch of 2009-11

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