One of the most insulting ways in which a man could be addressed is by calling him a resource. You may be paid in millions but you are still a resource. As dispensable as a tooth brush. And some jobs can be as bad as toilet paper.

Have you ever paraded yourself in front of people trying to sell yourself? I have. It’s a terrible experience. Not that no company liked me. But I hate to be someone they want me to be. I am an unique ‘individual’ ready to be influenced but definitely not ready to be changed. I am even surer now I cannot be in the corporate jungle full of incompetent ‘phonies’.

They have these boxes of particular type. They try fitting you into one. You cannot have your own box as you will break the uniformity. Weak hearts full of greed and desperation melt easily and they are much easy to fit into the boxes they bring. Then all the boxes look the same. The maker of the boxes smirks and feels a sense of power.

The ones who are sold are the same. They (buyers) want them to remain the same. They want malleable metals that can moulded as per the requirements of the greater good (company). They don’t like too many ideas. They don’t like it if you have a mind of your own. Your needs should be guided by a perceived helplessness and desperation for the job. They don’t want you to be independent. You are not supposed to have a vision. You cannot dream. A new set of dreams will be dictated to you. You have to practise fake smiles. They like structure. Instinct has only so much respect. Creativity is to be curbed. You cannot lead so soon. They like conformity. They like to keep you on a leash. You must obey. You must be ready to be controlled. You must be ready to be a slave.

I was reading Paul Graham’s article. Animals are so much smarter. They know the optimal size of their hunting groups. Humans unfortunately don’t. The idea of a large corporation itself is a problem. It’s the most non-capitalist attribute of present day capitalism. There should be more companies and more entrepreneurs. More competition and hence, more innovation. Sometimes I wonder where the world is going. It’s just unimaginable how people can base all their life actions wanting to go to McKinsey and Co. and other such haloed organisations. How can your dream be of working for someone else?

These days people start learning everything in B-Schools. How to suck up to your boss, how to keep the HR dept happy, how to use your ‘assets’ to get things done, how to put the other guy down, how to cut the competition etc. If they used all this energy in creating something unique for the world , the universe is sure to reward them with 10 times more.

It all becomes stressful. I have not even talked about sexual repression. And so to beat that you see obscene amounts of alcohol flowing. All the repressed negative energy is doped away. A t least temporarily the world becomes a better place. And there is freedom and liberation. And they all get addicted to the illusion.